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This page will keep you up to date on the latest COVID-19 information from Peninsula Home Hospice.

Important announcement

Our service to clients continues without compromise, despite recent changes to restrictions to COVID-19.

You are most likely aware that some restrictions have been lifted with regard to COVID-19 here in Victoria. As an organisation we have decided to continue providing our services in the same way that we have been over recent months, without immediate change. The reason for this is that we feel the need to be cautious given there will now be more people moving about in the community, giving potential for more community transmission of the virus. Although we certainly are hopeful that we won’t see a spike in numbers, we do want to wait a little while and see how the first step of easing restrictions goes before we change anything that we have been doing. We are very mindful of keeping our staff, volunteers and clients as safe as possible.

The PHH COVID-19 Management Committee continues to meet regularly and we will continually review how the whole situation unfolds and will gradually take steps to adjust the ways in which we work in providing care and support to clients and carers. We will do this carefully in a considered way rather than making quick changes that we may have to reverse if there are difficulties with the easing of restrictions. It is also a time where we want to remind those in our community that it is now even more important to be stringent with hand hygiene and physical distancing - It’s certainly not a time to relax and think that everything can simply return to how it was before the virus outbreak. Thank you to staff, volunteers and our community for making it possible for us to continue supporting people affected by life-limiting illness.

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