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Art Competition creates connection with communities

Palliative Care Australia (PCA) is holding its second annual online art competition, with the theme of 'Connection with Community'.

The art competition aims to raise awareness in the community about palliative care, end-of-life care, death and bereavement. This year's theme of 'Connection with Community' aims to showcase how people who may be living with serious illness are supported by their communities.

PCA CEO Liz Callaghan said that the art competition can help promote discussion in the community about what it is like to live with a life-limiting illness.

"Talking about death is a part of life. Some people find it hard to express what they would like at the end of their life, so this competition is a great way for them to get their message across and connect with other people in the process," said Ms Callaghan. "At the same time it can help create social and cultural change around end-of-life discussions."

Ms Callaghan said that the flexibility of the art competition allows people to express themselves their own way. People can submit a painting, drawing, photograph or object as their artwork, along with their own description of that it means to them and how it relates to the theme.

The competition will have three winners: the 'Overall' winner, the 'People's Choice' winner and the Palliative Care Australia winner. The three judges who decide the 'Overall" winner are Anzara Clark and Ashley Fiona who were the winners of last year's art competition along with Margaret Ambridge who is holding an exhibition in conjunction with the Australian Palliative Care Conference in September.

The 'Overall' winner (selected by the judging panel) and the 'People's Choice' winner (selected via an online voting process) will both receive $1000 in prize money. The recipient of the Palliative Care Australia prize will see their artwork featured on marketing and promotional materials.

The competition is open for entries from May 27th and will close on July 31st. Winners will be announced late August. Enter the competition at