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If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.

The eternal struggle in the law between constancy and change is largely a struggle between history and reason, between past reason and present needs

– Felix Frankfurter.

The only thing constant in life is change and PHH is no exception to that rule. Some say in the winds of change we find our true direction but they fail to mention that change can be challenging and can often out of our control - but it can also propel us to new partnerships, new outcomes and new directions.

For years, PHH has partnered with RDNS within a model of care that saw RDNS sharing the load of our specialist palliative care nursing to clients in their homes. With changes at federal government level, and the Victorian Government broadening the End of Life Framework to replace the Palliative Care Policy, this has led to strategic changes by both PHH and RDNS.

In short, we have now developed a model of care where PHH provides the specialist palliative care and works alongside RDNS as a generalist nursing provider. Even though change is happening in the background, PHH can assure its clients and their families this will not impact on how we support their nursing needs.

PHH would like to take this opportunity to reflect on and acknowledge the wonderful partnership PHH and RDNS have been lucky enough to share together for so many years and look forward to building on this platform of collaboration into the future where the overriding principle of providing quality care to our clients and families is our shared objective.

It’s a new chapter in the story of our organisations and that is in itself exciting…here’s to the future and whatever it may bring.