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Manager of Client Care Volunteers retires

After nearly 12 years as Manager of Client Care Volunteers at PHH, Marcella Ferrier decided with mixed feelings it was time to retire. 

"I cannot speak highly enough about the Client Care Volunteers with whom I have worked with over the years - they are all spectacular individuals who add immensely to the service that PHH offers to our clients", she said.

For Marcella, the most challenging part of her role has been juggling the various components and requirements of perhaps 40 clients and to match them to 55 volunteers, taking into account volunteers' availability, geographic location, skills and interests and then to rematch when a volunteer is unavailable due to illness, holidays, family circumstances etc. 

"I think PHH has so many long-term volunteers because the systems are in place to support them in their role with clients", she said. "The monthly Peer Support Meetings give volunteers the opportunity to debrief with other volunteers as well as accessing their wisdom and experience. 

"What I've loved most about the job has been meeting and getting to know our volunteers, then being able to match them with a client when requested. I also really enjoyed meeting our clients, hearing their stories and their difficulties and trying to make their lives a little brighter with the allocation of a volunteer into their situation". 

For Marcella retirement looks a lot like this: planning to volunteer to see what it looks like from the other side of the desk, also some travel and to spend more time with the grandchildren. PHH wishes her every happiness.

PHH welcomes Greg Roberts as the new Manager of Volunteers and looks forward to seeing the volunteer program continue to grow and strengthen.

The photo is Marcella on the right with some of 2017's newest graduating Client Care Volunteers.