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Marketing students plan to help build awareness


Under the watchful eye of Bernadette van Lunenburg, Lecturer in Marketing from the Department of Management and Marketing/Faculty of Business and Economics, five final year masters students from the University of Melbourne are developing a marketing plan to help create awareness for PHH and palliative care.

The Master of Marketing Applied Syndicate Project and Master of Commerce Consulting Project are subjects that brings high-achieving students and industry professionals together. Student consulting teams work on a 10 week project to apply their skills and collective knowledge in completing business projects of strategic importance for industry, community service and government organisations.

Some key issues the students were asked to consider when developing their plan:

How do we promote palliative care in the face of a death denying society?

How do we focus on the benefits of palliative care in all its formats to enhance quality of life and diminish suffering so Voluntary Assisted Dying is a less appealing option?

How do we raise the profile of PHH to create greater understanding of the service and encourage people to financially support PHH, being mindful our local community runs the risk of being over extended for donations?

How do we create a clear distinction between the Peninsula Health Palliative Care Unit and PHH?

How do we incorporate cultural diversity into our communication when some societies will not discuss death/dying from a cultural perspective? How do we create a single message?

Their plan will be presented to PHH before the end of June.