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Peninsula Home Hospice - reinvention of a brand.

2016 brings a very big year of change for PHH. With the move into new premises in October, it was ideal timing to develop and launch a fresh new brand identity to coincide with the move. PHH have worked collaboratively with creative studio Ivory Design, with the aim to establish a completely new image (logo) that clearly represents PHH’s core services, as well as re-positioning palliative care as a positive experience. PHH celebrates life rather than viewing palliative care as a form of failure, guilt or ‘giving up’.

PHH has a long-standing reputation and wisdom spanning over 30 years. It is an organisation that is recognised as welcoming, personal, supportive, and has a strong community connection. This perception from the community must remain intact whilst developing a new brand identity that reflects a willingness to change and evolve, keeping ahead of the industry trends as well as cultural changes.

Long-term goals from this rebrand are to showcase how PHH can grow to meet the anticipated needs and demands of the ever-aging population, in addition to building upon the service offering and continued support PHH have come to expect from the community.


Ivory Design has developed an eye-catching new logo and brand rollout for PHH. This new image not only looks impressive, it also has a clearly defined meaning behind how & why it was created.


Ivory Design team unveiling the new logo & brand story presentation at PHH’s AGM this week.

The new logo and brand identity of PHH is representative of the supportive and responsive behaviours of the organisation coming together to form an inclusive, compassionate and respectful environment. The circular shapes represent an eternal community of integrity and protection. It is a warm and comforting shape that is harmonious and unified.

The well-considered colour palette of magenta, violet & vibrant blue can be perceived as professional and positive. The vibrant blue is reminiscent of the past PHH logo and is symbolic of intelligence. The magenta is symbolic of tranquility, nurture, warmth and love.

The logo is abstract in appearance, allowing the viewer to create their own interpretation of what PHH means to them. The logo also positions PHH as an organisation that is accepting and respectful of all cultures and communities. It is simple and uncomplicated, clean and modern, and presents itself to longevity.