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PHH celebrates another year

The 2016-2017 PHH Annual General Meeting had an air of satisfaction to it, a sense of a job well done. It was a time to sit back and reflect with a degree of amazement and pride at all that has been accomplished within a year of massive change and upheaval. It was also an opportunity to acknowledge and thank those who have given so much of their energy and time to the organisation in a variety of capacities.

PHH Chair Helen Fairlie likened the past year (and in particular the purchase, renovation and relocation to the new building in Mornington) to moving an established tree—a sometimes intimidating project but the end result can transform your landscape. It takes a bit of work, lots of planning, coordinating and funding but when the new shoots emerge from the tree, all the effort seems worthwhile.

Most of all she commended the dedicated team at PHH who never missed a beat delivering our service to the community during a time of upheaval and change. What has also been so wonderful to see is how our community has made use of the new space—client care volunteer meetings, peer group meetings, training sessions, community conversations, fundraising networking meetings as well as individual and family counselling. It is truly the heart and hub of PHH and a welcoming space for all who visit.

First-term Mornington Peninsula Shire Councillor for Briars Ward, Sam Hearn, spoke passionately and from the heart about his desire to advocate for the needs of vulnerable people and to build on his grassroots involvement in community well-being. A most engaging speaker, Sam spoke with firsthand knowledge about the challenges of being homeless and how there are many facets to the definition of ‘home’ and it falls to community to remain connected with each other and ensure the fabric that binds us remains strong.

Catherine Norman’s 16 years as a member of the PHH Board were recognised plus 5, 10 and 15 years service certificates were awarded to volunteers and staff. Sincere thanks were also extended to our team of client care volunteers who gift so much of their time in support of PHH clients and families and also to the many hardworking members of the PHH fundraising network who diligently continue to host events to raise money and advocate on our behalf. To each of the businesses, individuals, grants and trusts who have financially gifted to PHH, we are most grateful. Together we are making a difference.