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2019 - 2020 Annual Report

December 2020 Newsletter

Prescriptive Memories & Dreamscaping Workshops

Join Nancy Gershman, the NYC based developer of Dreamscaping for an exciting, practice-based 2-day workshop that will forever shift the way you work with clients - by changing the focus from "what do you miss?" towards "what gives you joy?"

Moments that Matter

PHH would like to thank Jock and Gwen for agreeing to take part in the Moments that Matter project. We appreciate their interest and willingness to share their story with a view to helping others understand how palliative care can help the individual to life life as fully as possible.

Palliative Care Week - Moments That Matter

The Moments That Matter campaign shares personal experiences of palliative care. These are powerful stories about moments of joy and freedom that makes life beautiful. We see love strengthened when time is limited. Family and loved ones give us purpose.

PHH Newsletter - May 2019

PHH News updates the community on services and activities

2016 Annual General Meeting

“The work undertaken at PHH in a time of organisational transition has been significant and exhausting for all involved and we are very proud of our achievements over the past year” - that’s how PHH Chair Helen Fairlie opened this year’s Annual General Meeting.

Peninsula Home Hospice - reinvention of a brand.

​2016 brings a very big year of change for PHH. With the move into new premises in October, it was ideal timing to develop and launch a fresh new brand identity to coincide with the move.

New premises for PHH

We have had much to celebrate in the last year and while change has its challenges it is balanced with the energy and excitement that new beginnings bring.