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The Dream Team presents at PCV Conference


PHH Music Therapist Andrea Bryk and PHH Palliative Care Counsellor-Case worker Angela Karanikolos felt very honoured to be chosen to share their research in a poster presentation at the National Palliative Care Australia Conference that took place in Adelaide in September.

The poster, aptly titled ‘The Dream Team’, highlighted reflections on disciplinary practice between music therapy and counselling in a palliative care setting. Upon reflecting on their work together, they found that clients realised benefits to having a counsellor and music therapist working together to address their concerns and challenges.

Working with a holistic model and multidisciplinary team they were able to reflect on the process of developing care plans and strategiesthat reflected and responded to the client’s story, priorities and response to dying, within the presence of their whole self–including strengths, experience, priorities, interests and relationships.

Andrea and Angela were then able to use counselling and music therapy approaches together to better coordinate care - the timing/pacing of care was more respectful of the clients’ capacity, lifestyle, and energy levels. Their research looked at the elements of working together that helped and challenged the process.