Your Privacy, Your Rights and Your Responsibilties 

Your Privacy

When you become a client of PHH, a medical record is made. It contains your name, address, contact details, health information and your treatment. Every time you attend or have contact with PHH, new information is added to your record. We are required to keep medical records for 7 years after the last attendance for adults and for children until they reach the age of 25 years. The record is then destroyed using secure means such as shredding.

Why we collect information

We use information to assess your care needs and provide treatment in conjunction with your doctor. We also register you as a client so you can obtain services from nurses, doctors, allied health staff and volunteers as required. Information may be used for the planning and evaluation of our care and services. In this situation, your personal details are removed so that you cannot be identified.

When do we disclose information?

PHH discloses information to third parties such as your general practitioner or specialist, in discussion of your care. In signing the consent form, you have given permission for this to happen.

If you don't provide information

If information is not collected it may prevent you from becoming a client and receiving appropriate treatment from PHH.

Rights and Responsibilities

As a client of Peninsula Home Hospice (PHH), you can expect a high level of professional assistance. To maintain our level of service, we believe that it requires a team effort between you and our staff. Please read the following information so you know what you can expect from us and what we expect of you.

Our staff will:

  • Provide you with quality care in keeping with recognised standards and practices
  • Respect your privacy and dignity
  • Provide you with all relevant information regarding your healthcare and our services
  • Involve you in decision making regarding your healthcare
  • Seek your permission before taking action on anything that affects you or your carers
  • Confer with your doctor or specialist if required
  • Respond to your needs in the most timely and effective manner as possible
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Provide a safe and healthy environment at the PHH premises
  • Respond appropriately to complaints

You can help us by:

  • Providing us with accurate information regarding your healthcare
  • Accepting responsibility for your decisions and consequences arising from those decisions
  • Respecting the rights and responsibilities of our staff
  • As much as possible, ensuring that you provide a safe environment when our staff are visiting
  • Ensuring that your environment is smoke free at all times whilst our staff are visiting

Your right to access information

You have a right to access any record containing information about you, except to the extent access is restricted or prohibited by any federal law. If you wish to access records or correct information as your circumstances change, please address a written request to our Privacy Officer.

How to contact our Privacy Officer

If you wish to obtain a copy of our Privacy Policy or if you have any questions relating to personal information we may hold about you, please contact PHH or in writing to Peninsula Home Hospice, 327-331 Main Street Mornington VIC 3931.

Complaints - Your say - please tell us what you think

PHH staff are committed to improving the quality of the care they provide so any feedback we receive is useful in refining the service. As part of this, there is a complaints procedure for clients, their carers/families and other health professionals who may experience difficulties with any respect of our activities. Every effort will be made to respond in a timely way, resolve issues to your satisfaction as well as making system changes if required. We encourage feedback at any time.

If you wish to make a complaint or express a concern, you may either speak with a visiting staff member or volunteer directly or contact PHH Complaints Officer on 5973 2400 or by post to 327-331 Main Street Mornington VIC 3931. The Complaints Officer will speak with you to hear your concerns and will work to find a satisfactory solution. You may wish to have a meeting with the Complaints Officer and bring a friend as a support. The matter may be referred to the Chief Executive Officer or external mediation sought if resolution becomes too difficult.